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mgmt graphics

faux real

mgmt graphics. FAUX REAL.
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MGMT graphics community. FAUX REAL.

Welcome to mgmtgrapics!

Le rules:

1. Please keep all large graphics (specially wallpapers!)
under an lj cut.
*Icon previews are limited to only 3 icons per post. The rest
have to be under a cut.
2. Please do not take anyone's work and claim it as your own. If
they request you give proper credit, please respect the creator's
3. No trolling / flaming / spamming other users.
4. Which basically means, keep all comments related to the post.
5. If you would like to promote your community,
please message me first.
Promotion entries that I don't permit
will be deleted.


I don't believe i've actually ever read any MGMT
fanfiction before but if anyone ever decides to post, just remember

-to keep the whole story under a cut.
-but include the following information outside:
summary / maturity rating / genre

Remember to keep everything MGMT related!

if you wanna introduce yourself, you may fill
up this form and create a post!:


they call me:
i currently reside in:
i was hatched from an egg on:

this is what i look like when i'm listening to mgmt:

i enjoy making:
the program(s) i use is / are:
ben or andrew:
i learned about mgmt from:
my favorite song by them is:
my favorite moon is:
my favorite bird is:
my favorite monster is:
i someday dream of...:

ehh, anything else:


-----Don't forget to join us here @ mgmt fans-----

that's it!
later gators

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profile layout credit
journal layout credit to: thrashmetal